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WinSAT Team Divisions
CubeSat | Rocketry
WinSAT's CubeSat division is tasked to design, test, and build a 3U Cube Satellite for Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Competing in CSDC-5, WinSAT is tasked with developing a "Selfie-Sat" a CubeSat which will take a "space selfie" photo when commanded by an amateur radio station. Amateur ("ham") radio operators will be able to command Selfie-Sat to take a "space-selfie" when overhead, and immediately downlink it for viewing. Schools, science centers, universities, or conferences - anywhere in the world - will be able to host interesting, inspiring, and educational space-selfie events.
WinSAT's Rocketry division is tasked to design, test, and build a rocket with target altitude (apogee) of 30,000 ft. Alongside the aerodynamics and materials associated with rocketry engineering; the division also had a focus of avionics, developing in-house solutions for rocket simulation for aerodynamic diagnostics and dynamics air-brake systems.
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