University of Windsor's Space & Aeronautics Team

WinSAT Team Divisions
CubeSat | Rocketry
WinSAT's CubeSat division is tasked to design, test, and build a 3U Cube Satellite for Low Earth Orbit (LEO). For CSDC-4, WinSAT will develop a CubeSat to track, plan, and predict naval routes in the polar regions. Our team will also develop existing product using information from CryoSat-2 and other existing satellite datasets for demonstration of a feasable mission objective.
WinSAT's Rocketry division is tasked to design, test, and build a rocket with target altitude of 10,000 ft. Alongside the aerodynamics and materials engineering diciplines associated with rocketry engineering, the division also had a focus of avionics, developing in-house solution for rocket simulation for aerosynamic diagnostics purposes.
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